11 Easy Ways To Spot The Best MLM Company

 Congratulations! You want the best mlm company. You want to give it a try. You know that mlm is one of the best home based businesses. But you are afraid. And you are right. You do not not want to be scammed. 

How then do you know which company to join? Which one is the number one company?

Although it takes more than a company  to build a successful business, joining one of the best will give you a good start.

Qualities Of The Best MLM Company.

  • QUALITY PRODUCTS & SERVICES :The best mlm company must strive to provide very high quality products. These products especially wellness ones must have scientific tests to back them up. They should yield the promised results. Unfortunately, most mlm products are inferior and overpriced.
  • TECHNOLOGY FRIENDLY: Gone are the days when distributors had to create room in their small homes for the company's products. With the advanced technology, you should be able to make a sale just by one click on your mouse. However, if your target market "believes by seeing", then you want products to demonstrate with.

  • GLOBAL BUSINESS: I don't know about you but I would want a product which can't limit me by space. Especially with the Internet, you should get distributors worldwide.

  • TIME FACTOR: How long has the company been in operation? This is very important especially if you are not a risk taker. Check out the pros and cons of joining a new mlm company
  • COSTS: This is very critical. You must know costs involved. Sometimes the start up costs are okay but the monthly charges have left distributors frustrated. Even the little commission they make goes back to the company. I would rather buy a product that is highly priced once and avoid ongoing mandatory purchases.
  • KNOWN COMPANY: The company should be recognized Internationally. Surely by searching Google, you should be able to find it. They should have real offices and staff to connect to in case of a problem.And don't get me wrong, some mushrooming companies can be great, but if you are not a risk taker, you are better off with well established ones.
  • FLEXIBILITY: How flexible is your company? Do they want to own you? Do they sabotage your marketing efforts? Some restrictions don't make sense at all. By the way, just know that Companies survive without you. You must be wise.
  • TRAINING AND SUPPORT : The best mlm company should provide training. However, you must be careful. If they insist that you keep doing what doesn't work, then that is a problem.I know of a distributor who was dismissed because he was not following the "proven system". And yet, he was the best distributor in that company- What a shame!
  • COMPENSATION PLAN: Honestly, compensation plans are very difficult to understand. You can take decades. Statistics say that the best mlm company should require an individual to have 1,000-3,500 downlines to earn a substantial amount of residual income. The smaller the number the better. However very high commissions will result into the company collapsing.

The list goes on. But I can't stress this point enough! The company really doesn't matter. In any case, you are familiar with these huge mlm companies which are known everywhere but distributors are shedding tears. Most of these companies are collapsing.

What matters is YOU. People join people, not companies. Develop your skills. You can never fail to get a company as long as you have outstanding qualities.

With that said however, visit this website for a comprehensive a list of top 100 global direct selling companies.

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